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Duzi 2 Sani 4X4 Expedition

Duzi 2 Sani 4x4 Expedition is a Tourism Month (September) flagship event.

A typical Public and Private Sector, this project is an initiative between African Link Tours, Msunduzi Pietermaritzburg Tourism Association and Kwasani Municipality.  The main objective of this annual event is to showcase what Msunduzi /Pietermaritzburg and KwaSani / Underberg can offer in terms of tourism products.

It is not only a District to District (uMgungundlovu – Harry Gwala District Municipalities) but also a transnational annual activity between South and Lesotho. It further aims to explore, develop to grow, in particular niche tourism in these areas.

The initiative results from increasing numbers of 4X4 Family vehicles recently in the country, some of which have never been off tarred road as opportunity to showcase these while participating in Adventure Tourism.

The inaugural event was in 2014 and was launched by both Msunduzi Mayor, Cllr Chris Ndlela and KwaSani Municipality Mayor Cllr Mduduzi Banda.

Duzi 2 Sani Duzi 2 Sani
Announcing the 53rd Art in the Park sales and Winners of AntiXenophobia School Art Competition.

The 53rd Art in the Park took place on 3-7 June 2015 at Alexander Park.

We are happy to announce sales of R1,100.191  for this year. We had targeted more however on Thursday, 04 June 2015 at the height of the exhibition, we were advised by Disaster management to suspend the show. This suspension was construed with the cancellation although we attempted to communicate the fact that the show would finish on Sunday, 07 June 2015, as planned.

Winners of AntiXenophobia School Art Competition are:

  •     Gateway Christian School
  •     St John DSG
  •     Maritzburg Christian school

Pupils who won will have automatic participation in the 54th Art in the Park and the art theme will be announced then.

We wish to thank our supporters as follows:

  •     Msunduzi Municipality,
  •     KZN Dept of Arts & Culture
  •     Orange Grove Dairies
  •     Sunday Tribune
  •     Maritzburg Sun

For more information contact:
Msunduzi Pietermaritzburg Tourism Association
Tel. 033 345 1348/9

School Competition participants
School Competition participants  School Competition participants

L-R Lusanda Ndaba ( Maritzburg Christian School), Casandra Adeosun (Gateway Christian School) &
Emmi Wood (St John's DSG)

Top three Artists

Art in the park competition winners
l-R Lynn Hoyle, Simon Addy & Francoise Cheyne (Leon & Ingrid Fouche are missing from pic)

Meter Taxi Operators join City Tourism Ambassadors

Press Release – for immédiate release
16 April 2015
City: PM Burg, KZN SA

Meter Taxi Operators join City Tourism Ambassadors

The City Tourism Ambassadors’ Programme was initiated by Msunduzi Pietermaritzburg Tourism Association two years ago and is aimed at creating proudly Pietermaritzburg citizens who can confidently sell the City of Choice in order to enhance visitor experience. 

Meter attendants were first to participate in the programme and now the Greater Pietermaritzburg Midlands Region Metered Taxi Association (GPMRMTA) has joined in.

The Programme covers the following:
1.    Overview of tourism industry
2.    The tourists and their needs
3.    Know your city
4.    Tourists’ safety
5.    Customer service & communication

Participants also undergo assessments and are required to submit a mini portfolio on Pietermaritzburg and aspects covered in the programme.

“Meter Taxis represent frontline experience for the visitors and therefore have important role to play in the promotion of the city as a preferred destination. This is therefore an important development for us:” said Dumisani Mhlongo, Director of Msunduzi Pietermaritzburg Tourism Association.

Participants in this programme are only legal meter taxi operators who are properly registered with the municipality and are members of the Association.

According to Norman Mkhize Chairman of Greater Pietermaritzburg Midlands Region Metered Taxi Association in. “ This programme is not only challenging us to know our city better but it is also opening avenues for us for possible diversification into the tourism sector, we are grateful to MPTA” 

Enquiries about programme can be directed to Msunduzi Pietermaritzburg Tourism Association on 033 345 1348/9


For more information contact:
Msunduzi Pietermaritzburg Tourism Association
Dumisani Mhlongo, MPTA: 033 345 1348, 0845603399,director@pmbtourism.co.za

In the Pic, (L-R) Junaid Sayed (Sectretary), Karuna Dewraj (Capital Taxis), Norman Mkhize (Chairman). Dumisani Mhlongo (MPTA Director) and Sanjay Mwalal (Wilkens Taxis)

Press Release

Expression of Interest

The South African Local Government Bargaining Council (SALGBC) is a non-profit organisation which seeks to appoint a travel agency for both local and international travel.

The SALGBC Head Office is based in Durban and has six other regional offices in the country.

 The travel agency, in addition to the normal BEE requirements should demonstrate the following:

  • The type of online booking platform it uses, if any and license fees;
  • The number of offices it has in the country, the number of staff, call centres, etc.;
  • The bundle fees for airline, accommodation and care hire and any other fees;
  • The ability to secure corporate care hire rates and accommodation rates;
  • The ability to arrange business group travel or international visits;
  • The fees charges for visa application and other incidental fees associated with international travel; and
  • All relevant statutory documents related to your company.

Please forward your expression of interest to the following email address: dhanesh@salgbc.co.za by no later than 20 January 2015.


Should you have an event / activity taking place in Pietermaritzburg in 2015, please contact us on 033 3451348 or email events@pmbtourism.co.za

Art in the Park date announcement

KZN Letter to Members

The Duzi2Sani 4X4 Expedition

The inaugural Duzi to Sani 4 X 4 expedition was declared open on the 13 September 2014 by both Mayor MB Banda of Kwasani Municipality and Mayor C Ndlela of Msunduzi Municipality in front of the Pietermaritzburg City Hall.

Here is the speech that was made by the Director of MPTA at the Media launch

Programme Director, Msunduzi Municipality Mayor, Cllr Chris Ndlela, Kwasani Municipality Mayor, Cllr Banda, Cllr Mqwambi of Kwasani Municipality, Kwasani Municipality members, Msunduzi Pietermaritzburg Tourism Association Board members, Land Rover Dealer Principal, Mr Peter Caley, / (The director of Msunduzi Pietermaritzburg Tourism Association, Mr Dumisani Mhlongo), Members of the media present, Distinguished guests, Ladies and gentlemen.

All Protocols Observed

It is with a profound sense of gratitude that we, as the Duzi2Sani 4X4 Expedition partners which is made up of Kwasani Municipality, Msunduzi Pietermaritzburg Tourism Association and African Link Tours welcome the inaugural  Duzi2Sani 4X4 Expedition during September which is the Tourism month.

To create new opportunities in tourism we realised that linkages and partnership opportunities between various tourism industry role players and indirect trade partners can only strengthen our position in tourism. We stand here united in growing Msunduzi and Kwasani Municipalities as well-known tourism destinations.

With the Duzi2Sani 4X4 Expedition, our focus is to explore and develop Tourism, through new routes and niche tourism offerings that are suitable for families and offer fun for every member of the family. We noted the increasing numbers of 4X4 Family vehicles in both these Municipalities and in KZN as a whole; then a decision was taken to use this opportunity to encourage Adventure Tourism and group expeditions using 4x4. We wanted tourists to travel between the two municipalities and enjoy the trip as well as the destinations and that decision became the Duzi2Sani 4X4Expedition.

This Family Fun 4X4 Route will connect Pietermaritzburg, Underberg and Lesotho – a strategic, vital link to Southern Africa and in addition forge linkages into the Maloti Drakensberg Trans frontier Park. As we all know that the tourism economies of Lesotho and KZN are founded on the same topography. Tourists come for the views and events and they return for the friendships. They want to hear about our attractions where we have fun, about Mandela, Gandhi and our world class events.

One of the key issues that we want to highlight in this project is the issue of tarring of the Sani Pass.  It is because tourism is such an important source of revenue that the tarring of Sani pass is such a complex issue. The long and short of it is that it costs a lot more to repair with gravel the deep water erosions that happen after even a little rainfall, than what it will cost to tar the pass. And for those hard core 4x4 enthusiasts who would prefer the province to not even repair the pass, the message from the civil engineers is that just one summer without constant repairs can turn Sani Pass into a donga in several places. Then there is of course the other kind of tourists to KZN who are as important to the economies of Underberg and surrounds as the safari tourists, the Lesotho shoppers, and they would all love a tarred pass to make their journeys that much safer in the rainy season.

I think we all realise that it is a precious opportunity we have here today to do that which is best done in this province, namely to add quality to our lives by adding a new route and demonstrating its practicality by going on the 4x4 tour ourselves.

The Duzi2Sani 4X4 Expedition Weekend will commence on Friday, 12 September 2014. The highlights include cooking lunch using the engines of the 4x4 Land Rover vehicles, a charitable event at Moretsa Forest where the members of the expedition will donate toys and have a tree planting ceremony at the crèche in Moretsa Forest.

And what better vehicle to do it in than these Land Rovers? As Witness Wheels wrote last week, they represent the finest motoring experiences that England has to offer today, and I look forward to test this statement on the finest pass in our province, the Sani Pass. When the delegation gets to KwaSani Municipality, they will be joining the Inter Cultural Food Festival at the Himevile Dam. The local people of Kwasani Municipality will have a unique experience because Land Rover will be offering rides for the public and demonstrating the full abilities of the Land Rover vehicles. The public will be encouraged to donate a minimum amount of R10 during the rides and that donation will be handed over to the Kwasani Municipality charity chosen by the Mayor of Kwasani, Cllr Banda.

On Sunday, the group will get to drive up to SANI Pass, the trip back will be via Lion’s river and the delegation will have a final stop at the Mandela capture site in Howick.

Ladies and gentlemen, at the end of this trip we would have participated in two charitable events, the toy and tree planting as well as the donations from the proceeds from the Land Rover rides.

It is because of these reasons, Programme Director; that we can confidently assert that we look forward to using tourism innovations and new partnerships to further raise the profile of our Municipalities in promoting tourism to the world.

Already, programme director, we are beginning to reap the fruits of our hard work in past initiatives of positioning the Msunduzi Municipality by supporting the events in innovative ways as evidenced by international participation that we have seen to the events in our province. Recently we partnered with TKZN in conducting the impact assessments for the Mandela Day Marathon; we will share the results with you soon.
Programme Director, as a consequence of us coming up with such initiatives, we will witness the stimulation of the economic development between the two municipalities and create new employment opportunities.

Ladies and gentlemen, in light of this innovative opportunity, we have taken a decision that during the Duzi2Sani 4X4 Expedition increased efforts should be directed towards providing well organised tour packages for the public. This would ensure that we use this expedition as a springboard for boosting our tourism industry in the municipalities. All the members of the public are welcome to participate by contacting African Link Tours at duzi2sani1@africanlink.co.za  for more information on the travel packages that are on offer for the Duzi2Sani weekend activities.

Ladies and gentlemen, with these few words we would like to place on record our sincere thanks to Kwasani Municipality, Land Rover and African Link Tours in working in partnership with Msunduzi Pietermaritzburg Tourism Association to stage the inaugural Duzi2Sani 4X4 Expedition.

Thank you!

Tourism Month

World Tourism Day was established in September 1979, in Spain, by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) to raise awareness of the importance of tourism to communities.  World Tourism Day is commemorated on 27 September each year through appropriate events on themes selected by the General Assembly, on the recommendation of UNWTO's Executive Council.

However the South African national cabinet took a decision to declare September tourism month. Each year a theme is selected and the 2014 Tourism Month theme is “Tourism Transforming Lives”, which aims to promote tourism development and community participation in the tourism industry value chain. Using the annually selected theme, Tourism Month is celebrated during the month of September with the aim of providing the tourism sector with an opportunity to highlight the importance of tourism to the South Africa economy for the whole month.


02 September 2014 Save Cash & Carry Orion Race Protea Sports Centre-033 345 1348
02 September 2014 Engen Challenge Alexandra Extension NCF(Church)-
033 345 1348
05 September 2014 Miss Bollywood GHC-Grand Stand-033 345 1348
12 September 2014 Harry Gwala’s Commemoration Day Kwa-Dambuza Stadium-033 345 1348
12-14 September 2014 Duzi 2 Sani 4X4 Expedition Umsunduzi-KwaSani-033 345 1348
12 September 2014 The Mini Liberation Route Tour Visiting Old Prison, Heroes acres, Harry Gwala’s house& Manaye Hall-033 345 1348. (By invitation only)
12 September 2014 Dusi 2 Sani Kasi Evening 033 Lifestyle, Imbali-033 345 1348 (By invitation only)
13 September 2014 Duzi 2 Sani Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Pietermaritzburg City Hall-033 345 1348. (By invitation only)
18- 21 September 2014 Natal Witness Hilton Arts Festival Hilton College-033 345 1348
19 September 2014 Kaizer Chiefs Activation Edendale Mall-033 345 1348
19- 21 September 2014 Sunday Tribune Garden & Leisure Show Royal Agricultural Show grounds -
033 345 1348
21 September 2014 Msunduzi Hospice Car Fair 200 Zwartkop Road, Prestbury -
033 345 1348
25 September 2014 Carnival&Talent Search Grand Finale PMB City Centre -033 345 1348
27 September 2014 Qhudemanikiniki Soccer Challenge & Family Fun Day CampsDrift - 033 345 1348
5-10 October 2014 Reunion Island visit Eastwood High School, agricultural skills transfer - 033 345 1348
04 October 2014 Golden Horse Festival of Lights Golden Horse Casino Grand stand-
033 345 1348
08 October 2014 Gandhi Peace Walk and 145th Birthday plus 20 years democracy celebration PMB Freedom Square - PMB Railway station - 033 345 1348
17-19 October 2014 Diwali Festival Northdale Protea Sports Grounds -
033 345 1348

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To celebrate the Nelson Mandela birthday, Msunduzi Pietermaritzburg Tourism Association (MPTA) had a breakthrough of its kind, by hosting a delegation from Tourism KwaZulu - Natal and Durban Tourism with the aim of showcasing to them Liberation Heritage Route which has strong Mandela footprints in Pietermaritzburg. The delegation comprise of people who market KZN as the destination of choice and its attractions to international markets such as USA, China, UK, France.

“It is such a significant moment because UMgungundlovu is often overlooked when tracing the liberation footprints in South Africa. To host such a delegation that will market the Liberation Heritage Route internationally is a huge achievement, through this hosting we are opening doors to have Mandela celebrated daily by international tourists in our area” said Dumisani Mhlongo, Director of Msunduzi Pietermaritzburg Tourism Association (MPTA)

The trip started at the Pietermaritzburg Station, to the Pietermaritzburg Old Prison, the Heroes Acre, and the Peace Monument then to Manaye Hall at Imbali and followed the Nelson Mandela Marathon route up to the Mandela Capture Site in Howick.

Another significant achievement on this Mandela Day were two identified opportunities that were identified by the delegation and will be deliberated after this hosting. The first one concerns the visual link between Moses Mabhida Stadium which is in Durban and Moses Mabhida’s grave in Heroes Acre at Imbali. Secondly, would be a focused increase in showcasing the Mandela Footprints in Pietermaritzburg as part of the KZN Mandela Footprints in South Africa.

In the picture: Delegates from Tourism KwaZulu-Natal and Durban Tourism led by Boni Mchunu GM Marketing (in a brown leather jacket) from Tourism KwaZulu-Natal and Melusi Khumalo Marketing Region Manager from Durban Tourism (in a pink shirt)
The end

Msunduzi Pietermaritzburg Tourism Association (MPTA) is the authority that markets tourism in the City of Choice, Pietermaritzburg

For more information contact :Dumisani Mhlongo, MPTA: 033 345 1348, director@pmburgtourism.co.za




The regulation of immigration matters is the constitutional responsibility of the Department of Home Affairs. However, the National Department of Tourism has received representations from tourism stakeholders on the possible unintended consequences of some of the new provisions. Industry role players have highlighted two specific provisions, namely the new requirement for an unabridged birth certificate for minors, as well as the provision for in-person collection of biometric data in tourism source markets. Industry stakeholders argue that these measures may impact on the competitiveness of our destination in an era where countries are attempting to ease visa requirements to promote tourism.

Any matter that could have a detrimental impact on international tourist arrivals to South Africa is a concern. The intentions behind the gazetted immigration regulations reflect South Africa's commitment to contributing to global efforts to combat child trafficking.  The prospect, however, of unforeseen and unintended negative consequences must be taken seriously. Like many other destinations, we have a dual imperative: We have to combat child trafficking by aligning our approach to global efforts, while limiting damage to our competitiveness as a tourism destination.

Accordingly, the National Department of Tourism and industry stakeholders are currently studying, from a tourism vantage point, global best practice for responding to these broader policy challenges and the practicalities of implementing such measures.

Officials from the National Department of Tourism are also engaging in urgent discussions with their counterparts in the Department of Home Affairs to clarify any misperceptions and to find appropriate solutions where required. I will also be meeting with my counterpart, Minister Gigaba, to follow-up on these discussions if required.

I want to assure our trade partners and other industry stakeholders that, as government, we understand the value of travel and tourism, which has grown so impressively over the last few years. We will carefully consider any negative impacts of well-intentioned measures on international tourist arrivals and the attractiveness of our destination.


Ministry of Tourism

Natasha Rockman

Cell: 076 429 2264

Art in the Park 30 May 2014

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