aQuelle Midmar Mile Postponed

We were not planning on starting 2021 with the news that we would have to postpone our 48th edition of the aQuelle Midmar Mile, but unfortunately with the second wave of COVID-19 hitting the country and the rising numbers of infections we felt it was the only course forward as we work hard to ensure that the event takes place under the safest of circumstances. 


We are fully committed to ensuring that our event goes forward, and we are working tirelessly in the background making sure that we stay ahead of the game by adapting our plans with every new restriction that is announced. We feel that moving to March should follow an easing of the current restrictions, which would make it possible to host all of you. In saying that, we are aware that this too, might not be possible and so alongside plan a, there are plans b, c and d in the pipeline to accommodate various scenarios. Our team is in constant communication with all role players and you can rest assured we are doing everything possible to host aQuelle Midmar Mile 2021.


For the full press release and all information surrounding the postponement, please click the button below


However, we understand that many are still nervous given the unknowns, so to put your mind further at ease, we guarantee that if the event is cancelled because of COVID-19, your entry will be deferred to aQuelle Midmar Mile 2022.


Remember that each swimmer will receive a mask at registration and immediately on exiting the water, courtesy of our very generous sponsor, North Safety. Our timing partner, FinishTime, has a proven system in place to make sure that everyone will start and finish safely.


Entries for the event are limited so if you want to be part of our 48th edition, we need you to get your entry in as soon as possible. If you haven’t entered yet, click the button below!



Lake Heritage Seeding Swim Postponed!


Under current restrictions, it has become impossible to host the Lake Heritage Water Festival. As dams are a no go, we have been forced to also postpone the festival scheduled for this weekend.


Unfortunately we are not able to announce a new date yet as we are unable to determine when the current restrictions will be lifted. As such we have disabled entries and as soon as we get the green light we will reopen and communicate to all those that have already entered.


We are working to still host this popular festival and at this point do feel it is still possible, please keep an eye on our pages to find out more.

Be Part of Our 2021 Race Campaign!


2020 had many moments that we may prefer to forget, but it has also had many moments that we will remember for years to come. Now, to motivate and inspire others, we want you to tell us your best aQuellé Midmar Moment. Whether it was the first time you crossed that finish line, or achieved a time you never thought possible, we want to hear it all! Share your special moments on our Facebook Page, via the button below, and please remember to add the #MyMidmarMoment.