58th Art in the Park closed on high note on Monday, 02 May 2022.

58th Art in the Park closed on high note on Monday, 02 May 2022.

The five day Art exhibition that could not take place in 2020 and 2021 due to  Covid19 lockdown recorded unprecedented numbers of visitors

Objectives of the event are platform for Art Sales and Social Cohesion.

‘ We have made great strides since 2015 independent survey to improve racial and age mix of the show and this year we achieved this in greater levels, While consumers disposable income has shrinked, most exhibitors recorded good sales’ said Dumisani Mhlongo, Director Pietermaritzburg Tourism.

‘It was a great recovery from Covid 19 lockdown, a few things can be improved towards 60th Celebrations’ said  Neville Pickford, one of the exhibitors.

Msunduzi leadership, The Mayor, Dep Mayor speaker  and Chief Which visited the show on second day and have declared their support of the journey to 60th Celebrations of The Art in the Park

According to Kevin Palium CEO of Creative Arts College ‘This prestigious event can only get better and we look forward to the return if all artist to build an even better event towards the 60th Art in the Park.

Capital Heritage Tours

On the 28th of February 2022 Msunduzi Pietermaritzburg Tourism Association hosted senior citizens for a capital heritage tour.

You can also book your place to explore capital heritage Tours.

Photo taken by – Impression Imaging   Caption: (L to R) Lucas Bok (Lucas Bok Productions), Dr Sanjay Maharaj (Cardiologist … Read more