The 60 Years  Commemoration walk of All in Africa Conference

Press Release

The 60 Years  Commemoration walk of All in Africa Conference took place today (26 April 2021) from KwaPoyinandi to Manaye hall at Imbali Township.

The All in Africa Conference took place on 25 to 26 March 1961 and was necessitated by intention of the National Party to declare South Africa as a Republic after conducting an all White referendum. This would mean more repression for Blacks. The Conference that was attended by 1380 delegates from civil society made several resolutions including call for ‘one man, one vote’ and formation of National Action Commission which later organized stay aways.

It was in this conference where Mandela made a surprise appearance and addressed the conference making it the last public address before he was arrested.

The walk led by the Mayor, Mzimkhulu Thebolla started at  the originally  planned venue- kwaPoyinandi (which was found to be bugged by then Special Branch of South African Police) and the alternative venue Manaye hall, which was Arya Samaj Hall then.