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Caption: (L to R) Lucas Bok (Lucas Bok Productions), Dr Sanjay Maharaj (Cardiologist – Medi-Clinic), Dumisani Mhlongo (Pietermaritzburg Tourism), Primi Chetty (Chairperson – Community Chest), Madeline Jackson (Msunduzi Municipality), Zakeera Shaik (SPAR Group), Trevor Visvanathan (Caltex Bird Sanctuary), Richard Rangiah (Community Chest) with 9-year-old musical sensation Miss Jewel Bok

Text: The social unrest that started on 12 July 2021 and turned KZN and Gauteng into civil war zones, rocked South Africa to the core. Whatever, our understanding as to why such an attack on our democracy was possible, through the fear, anguish, smoke and ruin, one thing stood clear – all peace-loving South Africans stood as one to defend our democratic freedom against the forces of darkness and hatred.

In the aftermath, billions of rand (±R51 billion) worth of damage done. Hundreds (258 in KZN; 79 in Gauteng) of lives were unnecessarily lost. Tens of thousands (±105 000 by one estimate) of jobs were wiped out; some will never return.

It is going to take more than just bricks and cement, restocking warehouses and shops to rebuild our lives and communities from this tragedy. Faith, hope and love needs to be rekindled too if ever we are to rise above this atmosphere of fear, hopelessness and hatred to once again rebuild unity of community and restore hope that a brighter for all South Africans is possible.

For this reason, Community Chest together with Lucas Bok Production have launched the #BetterThanThis Campaign using a music video as its rallying point. The launch took place on Friday 22nd October 2021 at the Maritzburg Golf Club, was a resounding success.

The aim of the campaign is to bring about greater Social Cohesion and together rebuild our City and its people that were affected by the unrest. The Campaign seeks to rally democracy-loving people from all walks of life to come together to rebuild – one person at a time; one home/family at a time; one street at a time; one business at a time; one community at a time.

The music video captured the heart strings of the guests at the launch as they were taken back to those fateful days in July 2021. The sadness and pain however was soon turned in hope and celebration as the voices of children and adults singing about striving to be “Better Than This” filled the air.

The Community Chest are most grateful to their major sponsors thus far: The Spar Group, Dr Sanjay Maharaj, PMB Tourism and Caltex Bird Sanctuary. They stepped forward to be counted with the Community Chest in the same belief and vision of “enhancing communities and restoring hope”.

Also, special thanks to Ali Engelbrecht (CEO – Women In Business), Yash Sounds, Valerie Bandu, Impression Imaging, Candles & Décor, Muirhead Hiring, Maritzburg Golf Club, The Spar Group, Royal  Hospital, Hayfields KwikSpar and surprise guest, Muthu Murugan, who always has a special love for the Community Chest.

Funds raised through this Campaign will be used to assist families and small business owners affected by the social unrest of July 2021, to get back on their feet. Psycho-social counselling will be offered to those affected as a result of the unrest. Temporary food security arrangements will be offered to families in need because of a breadwinner losing his/her job, after the unrest. We also aim to offer materials/products to help micro and small business enterprises to get back on their feet. Our immediate target (by 31 March 2022) is R300 000.00.

Want to listen to or view the music video? Visit and click on the #BetterThanThis tab.

Want to join and support the Campaign: Links to donate are available on the #BTT web page.


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Contact Angie Narayanan on: +27 72 791 0311 or

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